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This is the source code documentation of MTSoundz, a multitouch enabled sound application framework. It was written at the TU-Berlin during a multitouch student project in winter 2007/2008. For more information about it, check also our wiki: -> Applications -> mtSoundz

Basically, this is a framework which defines a set of GUI elements including their (OSC-) network enabled counterparts.
The GUI is rendered to an OpenGL context.
To hear any sound, a running SuperCollider is required. ( )
Once running, load ScFiles/ and ScFiles/, respectively ScFiles/ and ScFiles/ to SuperCollider.

Currently implemented is a 'Mixturtrautonium' simulator (MTMixTraut)
and an easy to use demo where you can create multiple sounds by touching some images and dragging them over the table with your fingers. (MTSoundz)

brief overview of the mechanics

In globals.h is a set of variables and functions defined which are used by the Glut framework (main.cpp ties it all together). An application has to define these global variables and functions in its 'globals_<appName>.cpp' (see globals_MixTraut.cpp and globals_Soundz.cpp). It is registered to the Touching::NetworkMultiTouchDevice and is called by it for each touch received.


Questions about the usage of the Mixturtrautonium simulator and Mac related issues go to

Claudia Stripf (stripf [at] claudia-cyan [dot] de)

Questions about technical/installation and Win/Linux related issues go to

Ingo Bressler (ingo [at] cs [dot] tu-berlin [dot] de)

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